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Planning Notice for Oak Tree Sculpture 1

Tree Sculpture on Borth & Ynyslas Beach

There are loads of planning notice signs up at the entrance to the beach here at Borth & Ynyslas for a proposed ‘Metal Cast Oak Tree’. According to the signs it will be located in the inter-tidal zone on the beach between Borth and Ynyslas (except they have spelt Ynyslas incorrectly!). From what we’ve seen elsewhere,...

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Sunset at Ynyslas 0

Spring Skies at Ynyslas

It was such a nice day yesterday but I was stuck at work. So, come the evening I couldn’t resist walking to Scouts rather than getting in the car. So, here’s a couple of photos from the beach last night. Lovely Spring Skies. Things weren’t looking too shabby in the garden at sunrise either – as...

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Chives 0

Sunny Bank Holiday

I can’t quite believe it… Gorgeous sunshine on a Bank Holiday weekend. That can only mean one thing, a busy beach – busier in fact than we’ve ever seen it. Not to worry, we’ll soon have it back to ourselves. It was great weather for the Aber Cycle Fest as well. There were four Sportives...

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Adder ready to Strike 0

Snakes at Ynyslas

There’s almost always something interesting on my morning walk around the dunes. This morning it was the remnants of sand castles on the beach, the super-flat calm waters of the sea and an Adder. There are plenty of snakes in the dunes at Ynyslas, this one was out basking in the early morning sunshine.

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Fun in the Dunes 0

Fun in the Dunes

If there was one good thing to come from our phone-line outage over Easter, it was the fact that Morgan couldn’t get online and therefore wanted to go outside to play all the time. We therefore had lots of trips to the beach and plenty of fun in the dunes. We kept putting sticks on the...

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Beach Games 0

A Sunny Afternoon on the Beach

After a couple of FTF’s on nearby geocaches, Anna had to head into Aberystwyth to play her cornet with the Aberystwyth Silver Band at the Carnival. The sun had come out so Morgan and I loaded up the car and headed to the estuary to play on the beach. After a bit of an adventure...

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Windsurf Session 0

Just Checking that I can still Windsurf

Thought I’d better check that I could still windsurf seeing as it has been howling for days. Popped over to the beach with my 5m sail and 85 ltr Naish Hybrid Freewave. 25-30 knots WNW winds and some fairly meaty, messy swells to play with. The odd crazy squall to contend with as well,  but I...

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