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Ball Pit

Morgans largest birthday present was a bouncy castle complete with ball pit. The castle itself is a little too large for indoor use, but the ball pit just about fits in the spare room. We now have around 500 balls and Morgan seems to enjoy himself in it. Of course, he is just as happy...

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Garden Wildlife

Last week while my parents were here we decided to get a bird table! We had been meaning to do so for a while as Morgan likes to watch the birds out of the window, and we quite like it too. Most were too expensive, but thanks to ‘cheap charlies’ we found one in our...

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One of those days 0

One of those days

Actually, it has been one of those weeks really. I’ve been suffering all week with yet another flu type bug so I haven’t managed to get much work done resulting not only in a bit of a back-log but also little income. On top of which I had to buy a new computer (Dual Core...

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Useful Relatives 0

Useful Relatives

Once again I’ve had to call on my mechanic brother, Brad to help me out. All my education and yet it still seems to be me calling on him for help and advice more often than him calling on me. I always new there would be little call for my training as a carbonate sedimentologist...

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Mother is Always Right 0

Mother is Always Right

Really I guess that title should say, Mother, Wife and Mother-in-Law are always right! They’ve been nagging at me for a while to go to the doctors for a general check-up as my family history doesn’t make great reading: High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks and cancer all feature highly in the medical...

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Eloise & Brad online 0

Eloise & Brad online

Eloise & Brad have a new website! Brad is my brother and he will soon be getting married to Eloise, so I have just set them up with a nice new website very much like this one, that will allow them to publish details of their wedding plans and any other news and views they...

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