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Spring is on its way 0

Spring is on its way

The days are getting longer and the first signs of Spring are here… We have some daffodil and Bluebell shoots in our front garden… I wonder what sort of a display they will provide this spring?

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Wet Windy Wild Wales 0

Wet Windy Wild Wales

Christmas is over and the New Year is here… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! The last few days of the holiday were pretty wild here. Winds gusting to 54 knots and some mad mad storms, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, you name it we have had it. Steve came to visit on Saturday and we had planned...

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A day paperless geocaching in the Welsh hills

I treated myself to a day out geocaching yesterday. A good excuse to play with some of my Xmas presents and enjoy the winter sunshine. Before I go any further I should of course thank Anna for looking after Morgan all day long and letting me go out to play. I started off with a...

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Information Overload 0

Information Overload

Hope you’ve all recovered from the Xmas excesses… Just in time for some New Year excesses!! Talking of excesses, this post is about the excess amount of information that we have to watch, listen to and read these days… There is just so much good stuff out there that it can become overwhelming. We had...

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Geocaching Virgins 0

Geocaching Virgins

Since Anna, Morgan and I accidently started geocaching eariler this year, quite a few of our friends have started doing it too and Brad and Eloise got around to doing their first cache a couple of days ago. I know it sounds silly looking for plastic containers in the woods or on top of hills,...

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Xmas Crackers 0

Xmas Crackers

Thought I’d share the jokes from our Xmas Crackers with you! Q. What do you get if you ross a skeleton and a detective? A. Sherlock Bones Q. What must you know to be an auctioneer? A. Lots Q. Wo is the most famous married woman in America? A. Mrs Sippi. Sorry!!!!

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