Too much stuff!

Toybox contentsHow do we manage it!!?? Since Alan has got rid of the van he has had to find somewhere to keep all the stuff the van held (and believe me there was a lot of stuff in that old rusty toybox!).

Anyway, we bought a shed with idea being to move some stuff out of the big shed into the smaller shed to make room for all the windsurfing kit (which has had pride of place in my newly decorated beachroom!) After 3 trips to the tip and the smaller shed full, there still didn’t seem to be much room in the big shed for all his stuff. It looks like we need another shed already. Not a bad idea, somewhere to keep the growing number of toys Morgan has and hopefully make a bit more room for Al, and let me have my beach/guest room back!

Morgan had a nice weekend, making the most of the nice weather. He was a big help clearing out the shed but got a bit tired by lunchtime so I used that as an excuse to let Al get on with putting everything back.

Watch this space, I’m sure there’ll be more sheds to come. What I want to know though is why we ever bothered to keep some of the stuff we threw out at the weekend. We didn’t have to think twice about much of it, it was clearly rubbish so why was it in the shed? We must be more ruthless in future!

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