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Dyfi Enduro Winter Warm Up 1

Dyfi Enduro Winter Warm Up

Wow, I’ve just realised I’m supposed to be riding in a Mountain Bike ‘Race’ at the weekend – That came around sooner than I was expecting. It’s the Dyfi Enduro Winter Warm Up which is a new event for 2011. It’s a “mini-enduro”, in essence, a lower mileage and a compact version of the proper...

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Dinner at the Pier Brasserie 1

Dinner at the Pier Brasserie

We’re definitely getting older! I didn’t think it was that long ago that I used to go out quite a bit in Abersystwyth, but clearly it’s longer than I thought! We did go out on Saturday night but all the pubs seem to have changed their names and we were back home and in bed...

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Car Troubles 0

Car Troubles

I noticed a week or so ago that my MOT had expired on my car, so it was off to the garage to get it done. Things aren’t looking good though, emissions are too high (It’s a 4×4, what do they expect!), brake pipes are leaking and corroded so it’s unsafe to drive, all of...

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Beekeeping Update 3

Beekeeping Update

I thought it was time for a quick update on our beekeeping plans. As far as actual beekeeping goes then there isn’t much happening at this time of year, but we’re still busy working on the project for ‘Plan Bee’ in our garden. My Dad has been busy building two hives for us and they...

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Buying Running Shoes 1

Buying Running Shoes

I’ve always had funny feet. I’ve walked on my toes since I was a toddler so not only do I have very tight achilles tendons and skinny calves but my feet are a funny shape too. Whenever I’ve seen a chiropodist they’ve just looked at them and said they’ve never seen anything like it! I’m...

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Morgan in a Bubble 3

Bristol Aquarium

We’ve just got back from a weekend visiting family in Bristol. Well, between Bristol and Gloucester really but we still call it Bristol. Morgan was pleased to see all his cousins and had fun playing with them. We obviously went to some shops as we feel as though we have to when we’re in the...

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