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It was the last day of the school holidays today – well, actually it was an inset day but Morgan is back to school tomorrow. As the sun was shining and Morgan was at home with me I took the day off work and we headed up to Pendam for some mountain biking action.

Morgan hasn’t been out on his bike much lately, but we did manage a day last week when he didn’t get on very well. For some reason his heart wasn’t in it and he just couldn’t be bothered so ended up pushing up even the smallest of hills and just not trying.

I’m not sure if Anna had a word with him to get him motivated but the first that he said when he got up this morning was “can we go mountain biking today and I’ll try really hard to get up the hill to Hippity Hop”.

Whatever it was that got him motivated, be it me moaning at him last time, Anna having a chat with him or the fact that he wants to be better than Anna on the bike, it seemed to work. He was much better today. He made a few little steep rocky sections that he hadn’t made before, rode up sections that he doesn’t usually even try and even made it all the way to the top of the Hippity Hop section with only one stop for a breather halfway up the hill. He seemed quite pleased with himself too, so hopefully he’ll remember what it feels like to do these things and next time will push just a little bit harder to do it again.

Mind you, it probably won’t be too many years until the boot is on the other foot and he’s the one moaning at me for not trying hard enough!

Here’s some video footage of our sunny bike ride this morning.

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  1. Jason Cole says:

    You’ll have to bring his MTB down when you next visit. I’ll take him around Ashton Court, Leigh Woods with Harry.

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