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Late Winter Garden 0

Garden Control

Another day with Anna at work at the weekend so no running along the Coast path for me, but at least it wasn’t raining so I was able to be a little productive and spent all day in the garden trying to get it under control. Morgan helped out for a little while as well,...

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Daffodils in the garden 7

Business as Usual

It’s been quiet here recently. Nothing to blog about really. We’ve all had some sort of lurgy to one extent or another. It completely wiped me out for a few days and of course stopped me training. Anna and Morgan have had it it too, just not quite so bad. Beekeeping I’m gradually getting back...

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Hive Life

Hive Life…. Spring must be on it’s way at last, and beekeeping once again seems to be on the agenda. We were all supposed to be giving a lecture to the beekeepers beginners course last night, but I’ve been suffering with the most viscous of lurgies and despite my best efforts, there was no way...

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New Drive Timelapse – Day 8

Work continues on our new drive. We missed the action yesterday thanks to a technological faults – for some reason my GoPro keeps stopping partway through a timelapse recording session, I don’t now why, but it always seems to stop after taking 197 photos. It went through a phase of doing this every time for...

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Run Dynamics from a faster paced run 0

Faster Pace Run Dynamics with my Fenix 3

I posted a couple of months ago about the new Advanced Running Dynamics from Garmin. I essentially said that whilst the new metrics such as Vertical Ratio and Ground Contact Time Balance were interesting in their own right, there wasn’t really much that one could use the information for. The Run Dynamics metrics might tell...

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Borth 0

Weekend Activities

It was a little difficult to fit my usual weekend activities in this weekend but we managed it. Friday was a manic day thanks to the Eisteddfod that Morgan was playing in. Saturday was just as frantic as it was Morgan’s laser tag birthday party. Jay, Charlie and Jack were visiting for the weekend too....

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