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Campervan Website Design 0

The Joys of Website Design

I don’t often write about work here as this is a personal weblog but when you’re self-employed it is sometimes hard to get away from work. It is always there, I am the business and there’s no getting away from myself, however hard I try. It is therefore always good to remind myself why I’m...

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Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS 10

Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS

Some of you may not know that I’m a Website Designer and I’ve recently been working on a project for the Welsh charity WAMES (The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support). The website they want had quite a few specific requirements, but as usual budgets were tight so I had to build a site...

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A satisfying bug fix. 3

A satisfying bug fix.

As any website developer will know, as well as actually building new websites and developing new features we are constantly having to fix things that go wrong. It isn’t just me, we are all the same. We write scripts and build applications just the way we think they should be, only to find bugs and...

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Last day at Work 0

Last day at Work

Yesterday was my last day working at the university. I’ve been working as a website editor for a project there. The project is now ‘in limbo’ so my contract hasn’t been extended which means I’m back to being a full-time freelance website designer. I shall continue working for the project on a freelance basis for...

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Should I use HTML 5 – Yes or No? 3

Should I use HTML 5 – Yes or No?

I’m about to start work on building a new website for a new client. It’s a fairly simple brochure style website and it won’t use any of the new ‘features’ of HTML 5, but I wonder if I should use the new HTML specification or not? It might be a good excuse to build a...

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Capitalising on unexpected traffic

As a freelance website designer, I run various sites of my own, most of which have some form of advertising on them to help cover the running costs. One or two of them do provide some income, all of which helps us with our ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ and making the most of modest means...

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A Day in the Life of a Freelance Website Designer 3

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Website Designer

Yep, that’s right, for my sins I’m a freelance website designer. Actually its a great job for funding my ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ as it allows me to be pretty flexible, it is also a fairly interesting job in its own way and no two days are ever the same. That said, most days do...

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Which Mac shall I get!!! 3

Which Mac shall I get!!! Widgets I know, I know, now isn’t the time to buy and don’t worry I shall wait until WWDC in June just in case anything new is announced, but my Dual processor G5 Powermac is feeling a little long in the tooth now so I shall be upgrading soon. The G5 actually does everything...

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