A Golf Course BBQ Chef

Morgan has been keeping in touch all the way from Canada and he seems to be having fun.

His job at the ski resort has ended now that the winter is over and he has managed to get a summer job as a BBQ chef at a golf course. Typically, he was living in just outside of Canmore and making an hour-long commute on a number of buses to the ski resort in Banff. The contract on the house he was living in has ended though so at the moment he’s back to living in a hostel in Banff. Yep, you’ve guessed it, his new job is an hour -long commute all the way back to Canmore where he was living before!! He doesn’t seem to mind too much.

He seems quite excited about his new job as well. Although, I’m not sure that he’s done that much there yet as there was quite a lot of snow during his first week there so the golf course was closed.

Morgan the BBQ Chef
Morgan the BBQ Chef

We haven’t had much other news from him which in the case of Morgan is a good thing – No news is good news!

We have however started planning and booking things ready to visit him later in the year which will be nice. Originally we were going to head out for just over a week but Morgan seemed keen to do some backpacking with me (which Anna wasn’t keen on!) so now the plan is that we’ll go out for a week and then I’ll stay on for another week so that Morgan and I can hike along a trail on the coast of Vancouver Island. Hiking and camping in bear country will be a new one for me!

There’s lots of planning still to do, and kit to buy. My tent isn’t really big enough for two of us so it’s a good excuse for a new tent and we’ll need kit for bear proofing things. Morgan will need some clothes items too – which I’ve been using as an excuse to buy new kit for me so that Morgan can use my older items!

Don’t worry though, with flights, trains, buses, camper vans, accommodation, layovers, visas, excursions, RV Parks and much more to organise we do have a spreadsheet!

I’m not sure what Anna enjoys most, the holiday or the spreadsheets!

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