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Urdd Ceredigion

Urdd Ceredigion

Anna and I had the afternoon off on Friday in order to support Morgan at the Ceredigion Urdd Cross Country Championships. He qualified for these last year at the Aberystwyth Area Championships where he placed 9th. This would of course be a different level as everyone here had qualified and Morgan had only just got in during his race. After qualifying he did say that he would do some training for it, but being a lazy 9 year old that didn’t really ever happen. I think he was feeling a little unprepared as race day approached – I know that feeling.

Of course, we told him not to worry about it and just to have fun and think of it as an excuse for an afternoon off school. It’s not important, as long as he does his best and has fun that’s all that matters. I’m sure he was still a little nervous as the race approached though and was telling us he didn’t feel very fast – I know that feeling well!

We all went into Aberystwyth on Friday morning together. Morgan went to school, Anna went to work and I went out for a bike and run brick session. I then met Anna from work, we stopped off in the shops to get a picnic lunch and headed to the Rugby Club in Aberaeron for a 1pm start. We got there just in time as the first of the boys races were lining up to start. Morgan’s race wasn’t for a while so we ate our lunch as we watched the other races. The route took them around the rugby field, then off down a small descent towards the sea before rising back up again to the rugby field. The older boys and girls were doing two laps, Morgan’s class was only doing one which was about 700m – Morgan would prefer it longer really.

He had a good race though. 55 boys lined up for the start of his race and there was a little bit of pushing and shoving at the start. They spread out as they ran around the rugby field though before going into single file for the section towards the sea. Apparently Morgan got kicked going down here but he was OK. He then put on quite a sprint for the finish line to come in in 24th place. Just the right side of the middle of the field so he did well. I think he was worried about coming last – I know how he feels – but there was no chance of that.

He didn’t have much to say about it afterwards,  but I think he enjoyed it. I hope so anyway.


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  1. mum says:

    Well done Morgan.XX

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