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Phew, that was a busy week. Morgan has decided to defer his places at university for a while and head off to Canada on a ‘working holiday’ instead. After a few weeks of sorting out flights, insurance, working visas etc. etc. it was almost time for him to go.

So, last weekend we all went to the Ffarmers in Llanfihangel y Creuddyn for a lovely Sunday lunch.

Then, after a couple of busy days at work we drove down to Bristol on Tuesday evening. Morgan had a final dinner with us at Millie’s Diner, a final night in the UK and then we dropped him off at Heathrow. He wandered off on his own with his suitcase and rucksack into the terminal, bound for Canada. I’m sure he’s going to have an amazing adventure!!

Anna and I then headed to Guildford where I had work to do before heading back to Bristol for another night at my parent’s house before driving home on Thursday in time for yet more work!!


Updates from Morgan have been fairly vague so far but he’s had a couple of nights in a hostel in Calgary where he’s been sorting out some admin such as an SIN number, a Canadian bank account and a phone SIM etc. He then travelled to Banff where he’s looking for a job. The only photo we’ve had so far is this one from Banff.

Morgan has arrived in Banff
Morgan has arrived in Banff

The weather looks nice, the mountains are pretty and all looks good. It’ll be nice if I can get him to write an update for the blog every now and then – although I’m sure he’ll be far too busy for that!!


It’s a little weird for Anna and I. It doesn’t really make that much difference at home as we barely saw him when he was here but it still feels quiet without him. Christmas will certainly be different.

I’m not quite sure how it happened but we seem to have produced a fully independent adult!! We can I guess be proud parents.


We have of course already started planning a trip to visit him. Not until next summer I shouldn’t think, but it’s certainly a good excuse for a trip to Canada, and a road trip from Vancouver to Banff sounds like fun!! We’d better start saving.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Hope he has an amazing time, along with gaining work and life experiences.
    It was lovely to see him, and you two obviously, before he left on his adventure .

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