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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we’ve been able to keep in touch with Morgan quite easily. He made it to Calgary safely and had a couple of days there trying to sort out some paperwork and a bank account etc. He then travelled to Banff and has been staying in a hostel there ever since.

His job hunting hasn’t been very successful yet. Hopefully, he’ll find something soon otherwise he’ll run out of money. The hostel sounds nice enough and from the few pictures we’ve had the scenery certainly looks impressive.

We’ve had a couple of Facetime calls with him which have been nice. It gives us a chance to see him in the local surroundings too.

Being an 18-year-old boy means we don’t get huge amounts of information about what he’s been up to but he’s been on a few walks, has been into Canmore to sort out a bank account, has a new Canadian mobile phone number and has been asking for various recipes that he’s been cooking! I’m trying to get him to complete a few blog posts for the blog while he’s there as they’ll be nice for us to read and good for him to look back on in the future. (Watch this space!)

Fingers crossed he’ll secure a job and will get some longer-term accommodation sorted out soon. We’ll feel a little less worried once he has, even if it doesn’t bother him!! We have of course had some cursory looks at the cost of flights and of hiring a motor home for a Canadian road trip of our own next year to visit him.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    What an adventure!!

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