Windsurfing at Last

Thanks to lockdown, it’s been ages since I’ve been windsurfing. I put an end to that today though with a nice session of the seafront.


Having not been out for a while I was likely to be a bit rusty. The wind was NNW which is an unusual tack for us as well so that didn’t help matters but it was still a good session. The wind was a little up and down. When it was up it was perfect, but it was a little marginal for my 5.0m sail when it was down. There was still plenty for some blasting around in the sunshine and of course a few jumps here and there. Here are a few stills from the GoPro video I shot.

Alastair was out too which makes things a little safer. We were of course socially distanced the whole time – more so than expected most of the time as Alastair was having issues staying upwind to start with. In factm the only time I got anywhere near Alastair on the water he appeared to be having a bit of a lie down on his rig!!!

The perfect way to spend an hour or so on a Friday afternoon and a nice warm up for what looks like a windy day tomorrow.

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  1. Sunday, June 7th, 2020

    […] I did say that Friday afternoons windsurf session would be a warm up for Saturday and that was indeed the […]

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