An Active Tuesday

That turned out to be a good day. After missing out on some fun yesterday as I was busy with work and other appointments I made up for it today. I was toying with the idea of continuing my Coast Path run but the weather didn’t look like much fun for most of the day so I stayed at home.

VO2max Intervals

First up was a catch up of a session I missed yesterday. It was horrible outside so I was on the Turbo Trainer with a TrainerRoad workout called ‘Givens’ loaded up.

Givens is two sets of 3×3-minute VO2max repeats at 110-130% FTP. 3 minutes of recovery fall between Intervals and 8 minutes of easy spinning separate the sets.

The day of ‘rest’ yesterday had paid off though as I managed to finish it. It wasn’t easy lof course and there was a certain amount of sweat, dribble, puffing and panting involved but it felt good.


Running in the Hills

With the bike ride completed it was still pouring with rain out there. No point hanging about waiting for it to get better though. It’s only rain after all and it wasn’t even very windy. So I got out of my cycling kit, into my running kit and headed off to the hills behind Tre-Ddol for a run along the Coast Path to Artists Valley and then across to top to Cwm Clettwr. Nothing too strenuous, just a nice long steady run in the rain.

Back at home in and it was time for lunch and some work and then the sun came out! The wind filled in with it too so it was off to the beach for a windsurf.

Ups and Downs of windsurfing.

My new wheelbarrow was just the job. Not only did it have a little more room than the last one but it was easier to push as well. I of course loaded it up with a full quiver of kit just to test it out.

Loaded Up

Once on the beach the skies were looking a little moody to say the least.

Moody Skies

I rigged my 5m sail and little wave board and was soon blasting up and down in amongst the whitewater. I was glad I had rigged the bigger of my sails to start with as I only just had enough wind but then as a squall came through things went a little ballistic for a while with winds up to 40 knots. I hung on rather than changing down and that was the right decision as things settled back down afterwards for a bit. The wind then dropped off a little too much, before going mad once again! That’s just the way it is with windsurfing. It was pretty good most of the time though.

I did fail to start my GoPro recording until towards the end though and then it fell of the mast as well so I moved it to my helmet instead. I’m glad I had it tethered to the top of the sail as well as clamped to the mast otherwise I would have lost it! So, here’s a few clips but not as many as usual. I was also pretty tired by the time I started recording and the earlier bike and run could be felt in my legs so I was playing it safe most of the time.

Time now for some dinner and to chill for the evening.

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