An Afternoon Windsurf

After a nice surf ski paddle in the morning it was back home for pancakes and to see off the horde of 14 year old boys that had been sleeping over for Morgan’s Birthday. There was plenty of pizza leftover from their party and of course sweets and cakes so that had to be finished off. I of course obliged!

The wind filled in next so rather than head out on my bike or jump on the turbo trainer I loaded up my wheel-barrow and headed back to the beach with my windsurfing kit. 5m sail and my wave board rigged it was out into the waters once again for a windsurf session.

I was nicely powered with that kit but at times it was a little flukey in the shorebreak. Once out beyond the whitewater things were fine. The wind continued to increase so soon it was good in amongst the waves too. The rain started hammering down soon too which stung my face but such things just add to the atmosphere out there and the enhance the ever changes moods of the sea.

It was a little more frantic than the surf ski session and not exactly the bike training I had planned, but a good workout all the same. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll do the bike workout next or not. I might just sit on the sofa with some popcorn and a good film. At least then I should be recovered enough for a decent swim and run in the morning and who knows, I might manage to get back into the sea tomorrow afternoon as well.

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