Welsh Cyclocross Series 2017

Unfortunately, due to the snow, the final race of the Welsh Cyclocross series had to be cancelled. I was all ready to go so that I could say I had competed in every race of the season and to hopefully gain a few more points. Even with this last minute cancellation there were still 12 races in the series so plenty of variety for everyone.

There were:

  • Hilly, races such as that at Builth.
  • Flat fast races such as the second one at Pembrey.
  • Grassy muddy races such as Aberystwyth
  • Sandy races through the dunes at Pembrey.
  • Bumpy races at Foxley Cross,
  • Muddy races at Parc Bryn Bach
  • A mixture of everything at Abergavenny.
  • And many more that have all mingled into one muddy, sweaty mess.

All of the races were good fun with some good healthy competition. New rivalry’s were made, scalps were taken and beatings were accepted. All in the name of sport. Most people seem to be there with younger children and it’s great to see them all competing in their races. It’s good to see lots of newcomers throughout the age groups and classes too and the format makes it challenging for all wherever in the field they may be. Cyclocross may be one of the tougher cycling disciplines where fitness and skill are equally important and to some extent needed. But, the short laps, friendly nature and welcome provided by the organisers and competitors alike make it accessible to all. The cake stands always help with that too.

It was my second year racing Cyclocross and I felt a little more comfortable and knew what to expect from some of the courses. I still have a lot to learn though and there is plenty of room for improvement. Not just on the fitness side but the all important skills aspect too.

I’ve also made new friends, visited places I wouldn’t otherwise have been and generally had a good time. All whilst punishing bike and body by riding around cold, muddy fields on a Sunday with 50 or so like-minded souls. It’s fast and furious, it’s hard work, it burns legs and lungs and means that Mondays are spent washing clothes and bikes, but it’s all good fun.

With only 12 races in the series rather than the planned 13, the overall standings were based on your best 6 races rather than best 7. I ended up coming 23rd with 317 points – A slight improvement on last year where I was 24th with 300 points. I probably said this last year, but with some training, a little more practise and some good luck I should be able to do better than that next year! What’s more, I should be racing as part of a new team next year – watch this space for more!

As usual, the organisation was top notch and the races seemed to run smoothly from my perspective. What’s more, not only did I start and finish every race but I managed to complete them all without a single crash!

Here’s the V40 final standings at the end of the season. I guess being in the top 25 isn’t too bad.

2017 Final V40 Welsh League Standings

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  1. Mum says:

    Well done x
    I hope you had your fingers crossed when you said you’d not had a single crash!

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