Cross Biking in the Hills of Mid West Wales

I like to do my best to fill the time between Christmas and New Year with activities and this year the weather seems to have been helping. Yesterday was cloudy and cold but dry at least. After checking the surf which was good I had to choose between surfing, cross biking, surf-skiing or something else.

Cross Biking

I decided to head out cross biking into the hills first. Maybe I could get in the water later with a couple of other people. I ended up having a nice couple of hours cycling along the fire-roads of Mid West Wales. It was a little muddy in places but I was out in the wilds. I didn’t see a single person whilst in the hills.

Up the Pole

Back at home and the surf wasn’t quite as good as it had been so I decided it was time to install our new weather station componentry. It’s quite a job and I’d been putting it off due to the wind lately.

Up the Pole

Up the Pole

Family wanderings

I walked over to the beach with Morgan too.

Then watched him on his trampoline before having a relaxing evening at home.

The power went out again as well, but this time it was a fuse tripping in the fuse box rather than a general fault with the supply. Anna meanwhile had a fairly relaxed day at home – Although I did rope her into holding the ladder for me while I was up the pole installing the weather station. After the installation there was of course some fiddling required indoors to get everything working as it should but I now think the Weather Station is once again functioning perfectly and providing us with accurate live weather data from Borth & Ynyslas.

These days slip away so quickly. It won’t be long before it’s time to go back to work so we’ve got to make the most of them.

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    Are they airhop socks?

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