Out and Back through the Whitewater

Sunday turned out to be a nice bright, windy day. Too windy to put the roof on the new lean-to. So, after a hard turbo trainer and srun session it was off to the beach for some windsurfing.

The 20-25 knot wind was a little marginal for my 5.7m sail and 85 litre wave board. There was plenty once I was up and going but some of the lulls were a little worrying especially considering the size of the waves. I didn’t fancy getting caught in amongst them without any power. Getting rolled around in the whitewater wasn’t on the agenda today, especially with a nice new sail.

So, after a few blasts in and out through the whitewater I decided to stay out beyond the waves and blast up and down away from the waves. It was still pretty frantic out there with quite a big swell and the odd rogue breaking wave, but it was better than getting caught out with no power in my sail in the midst of it.

Rather than show you a few little clips from my session I thought I;d give you a feel of what it’s like to balst out and back through the whitewater. Although the video does make the ‘wall of whitewater’ look more like little speed bumps. When you are out there amongst them they look and feel much bigger.


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