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I’ve got some new toys from Gun Sails. As you’ve probably seen, I’ve been out windsurfing a little bit again recently. Trouble is much of my kit is now very old. It wasn’t in great condition as it was, but whilst I wasn’t windsurfing for a while our shed was in desperate need of repair and became a nice little cosy home for a family of mice. A family of mice that decided to chew through much of my kit. A number of sails were destroyed. Others were left usable but in tatters. Then another decided to lose it’s top panel whilst I was out sailing the other day.

It was definitely time for some new toys from Gun Sails. My 4.0m, 4.5m and 5.0m sails are all still serviceable. My 5.7m was just about OK but was fairly badly ‘moused’ and my 6.7m was torn. I also have a 3.2m sail that Morgan can use to learn with, a 4.5m sail with a hole in it and two very nice but difficult to rig, fully cambered speed sails in a 5.2m and 6.3m. I never used to used the bigger sails much, but I’m quite keen to get out for some lazy summer blasting in lighter winds and if I can get Morgan out then at some point I’ll need to be out in light winds with him too, so it was time to replace my bigger sails.

I spoke to Brian at Gun Sails where I generally get my windsurfing kit from and before long two new sails, and a few other bits and pieces were on their way to me.

Gun Sails Transwave

A 5.7m Transwave to replace my mouse-eaten 5.7m. This is an all-round wave sail for bump and jump style sailing:

“For riders who want to have that extra measure of power and love to blast to the next wave crest in order to do the highest jumps, the Transwave is the absolute right choice.

Compared to the Blow and the Peak, the TRANSWAVE has a deeper profile and it has no real “neutral” phase. Perfectly suitable for riders with a powerful style and/or onshore spots.

The Transwave will enthuse you as a powerful wave sail which is easy to control and offers superb planing abilities whilst covering an immensely wide range of use, from wave to flat water freemove blasting.”

Gun Sails Rapid

And a 6.7m Rapid which is an all-round sail that’s a little more speed orientated than I usually get. I’m getting a little too old for too many fancy tricks, jumps and spinny things anyway, so something for blasting in marginal winds should be better suited these days. It rigs on my 430 RDM mast as well which is nice.

“Fast and easy – the Rapid is characterized by its excellent early planing abilities, high acceleration and an amazing top speed. An ultra-fast camless freerace sail with an extraordinary wide range of use.

Its stiff batten configuration provides a direct feeling with great stability – which gives superb controllability and top speed. Thanks to its inherent stability, combined with the high end speed, the Rapid will easily get you through every hole in the wind.

An efficient engine for all sailors who are keen on speed and pure sailing fun.

Trouble is I might now want a bigger board for summer blasting.  The mast and boom that I’ve rigged them on are looking a little old compared to the shiny new sails as well!


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  1. Bruce L Harms says:

    Hey thanks for the post, been looking at the gun sails and i like them

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