Aber Cycle Fest, Hotdogs on the Beach and a Xmas Dinner

Friday was a busy one for us as usual. A 75 minute, fairly tough turbo trainer session first thing for me (after an hour or so of work). Today’s session was Mount Hope -2 from TrainerRoad which consisted of 4x 10 minute threshold intervals. One just below threshold, one at threshold, one just above threshold and the final one at threshold again. It was harder than I was expecting, but I stuck at it and completed it.

Mount Hope -2

Mount Hope -2

Aberystwyth CycleFest Schools Races

We then all headed into Aberystwyth for a half a day at work and school. Half a day because it was the start of the Aberystwyth Cyclefest and Morgan was taking part in the schools races in the afternoon. I therefore collected him from school at around 1:30pm and we headed into Aberystwyth where we met Anna. Morgan then met up with some friends to do his race. As last year it was two laps around the course and he seemed to have fun, as did most other people taking part. Thankfully it stayed dry for the schools races, but it absolutely poured down later for the Town vs Gown event.

We had a late lunch on the prom in PD’s Dinner and a walk around the new bandstand. We then had to pop back into work as Anna had a parcel to collect and something else to sort out, and the thunder and lightning had caused a power cut which meant that the -80ºC freezers where I work were making emergency phonecalls to me so I had to go and sort them out. We then headed home through an almighty thunderstorm.

Hotdogs on the Beach

After a quick change into Scout clothes we headed into Borth where we were cooking on the beach with the Scouts. The rain had stopped and despite the fact that all the wood on the beach was wet we soon managed to get a couple of little fires going. They would have been OK to cook on but Cira had already cooked the sausages so we all had hotdogs on the beach before the heavens opened again.

With the rain hammering down it was back to the hall for some games before the Scouts headed home.

Christmas Dinner

That wasn’t the end of it for us though. Another quick change into something a little smarter and we headed into Upper Borth and Brynrodyn Caravan Park where we met people from the Aberystwyth Silver Band for a Christmas Dinner. Yes, we know it’s May but they always have their Christmas Dinner in May as there just isn’t enough time closer to Christmas. The food was good and we were all well and truly fed before finally heading home to bed. Phew!!


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  1. Mum says:

    Busy as usual and m sure Morgan enjoyed cycling rather than being in school

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