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2016 is upon us and the dust may well be settling down on the New Year’s resolutions and whether they are realistic or not. One such resolution could be to slow down and simply enjoy your time at home rather than rushing around like one of them chickens without a head!

Online TV and demand technology has signified a shift from being told when to watch a programme and by whom to you deciding yourself. The old school TV guides are now largely defunct as you often decide what is of interest to you. For a night in you can watch the modern classic that is the BBC Iplayer as well as the alternatives by Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. There are also the big players such as Netflix but there are alternatives. These include Now TV which is powered by Sky Рa very cost effective way of viewing you can buy a streaming box for only £15 through official channels. At that point you can then subscribe to Sky Movies, Programmes or Sports Рthis removes the necessity for a Sky subscription and a grotesque satellite dish hanging from your house.

For a gaming night in then there are alternatives to the traditional games console that often sits under your TV untouched and unloved. Why not ¬†play roulette online after a busy day at work? Betway offer an app and website where you can play casually or against other skilled gamers. This can provide a real focus, hobby and a real alternative to the box. If streaming content still sounds a bit alien why not mix the two by ordering DVD’s via services like Amazon DVD. Until recently Blockbuster video was still in operation, however great ordering online is you cannot replace the experience of going in your video shop for a lengthy browse, a potential argument and the moment when you realise you have forgotten the DVD!

To give your eyeballs a rest why not listen to the radio – perhaps you are bored of the tripe that flows from Radio 1 or nonplussed by the intellect that pours cockily from Radio 4? TuneIn radio offer a catch all service and they bring together all the stations that you possibly may ever require. They offer over 100,000 stations so surely you can find an alternative to the Chris Evans show!

So for a night in there are many options such as gaming apps, radio, tv and the humble DVD. The choice is down for you but the danger you may have is deciding on the best one.

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