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Honey Stores Replenished

The good news is that our honey stores have been replenished. Jars and jars of gorgeous golden honey from the bottom of our garden. All stacked up to keep us going. The bad news is that we didn’t get any honey last year, there wasn’t huge amounts this year and there is no guarantee that...

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Honey Harvest 2016

Not the greatest of honey harvests this year, but at least we got some. About 12lbs in total which is what we usually get from a single hive here in Ynyslas. The good news this year is that we’ve managed to raise at least one new queen. best of all she has come from a...

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ABKA Honey Show 2015

We had another fun evening at the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Honey Show earlier this week. The format for the event was pretty much the same as previous years with the following categories: Bottle of mead. Two one pound jars of light honey. Two one pound jars of medium honey. Two one pound jars of dark...

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Ups and Downs of Beekeeping

Those of you who follow our beekeeping exploits here on the edge of where beekeeping is a sensible pursuit will know that things are never easy. Conditions aren’t ideal for bees in our back garden simply due to the strong winds and the lack of available forage so we have decided to move most of...

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Our Honey Harvest

Against all odds we have harvested some honey again. This year our honey has come from our bees in Llandre and as in previous years supplies are very limited.

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Honey Harvest

The Honey Harvest has begun. To be honest, we haven’t got much again this year, especially compared to some other local beekeepers – a friend of ours managed to extract 300lb of honey from her hives in just one valley and left every hive with 2 full supers as she got fed up of extracting...

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Honey Show

After spending all day baking and decorating cupcakes on a Saturday it was time for the competition at the ABKA Honey Show on Sunday. Actually, we had a few things to do before the show, I went for a run and swim in Machynlleth and Morgan went to Junior Triathlon Training for an hour afterwards giving Anna and...

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Honey Harvest

It may be a fairly pathetic harvest in comparison to some, but seeing as we started the year with no bees and had to wait a while thanks to the poor Spring for a couple of nuecs I don’t think we’ve done too badly. Especially seeing as the queen died in one of our colonies...

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Treating our Bees for Varroa

We haven’t treated our bees in the past as there has been very little sign of any varroa problems in our hives. However we did a varroa drop count the other day and over a period of 24 hours there was getting on for 10 varroa mites on the varroa board of one of the...

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Beekeeping Records and a Garden Update

The garden has been growing like mad. I was only away in Turkey for a week but it seems as though everything has become overgrown whilst I was away and I haven’t had much chance to get out there and get it under control. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, just that all...