Garden Wildlife

Another glorious day here, cloud free skies, barely a breath of wind and temperatures hitting 21.3ºC. Not bad for the end of September.

Garden Wildlife

The garden was alive with wildlife when I went out there this afternoon. One of the aims of the garden was for it to be a haven for such creatures and in that respect it would seem to be a success. There were so many butterflies on the Verbena that I couldn’t count them all. I did try at one point and got to 37 but by then they had all moved around, but I think there must have been close to 60 just in our little patch of greenery. Coupled with quite a few different species of bumblebee, some damselflies and dragon flies and numerous species of other flies, hoverflies and bugs it was teeming with wildlife. And that’s not to mention the tiny midges and such like.

Here’s just a few of them all snapped within a couple of minutes..

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    Great that you have so many butterflies. I hardly see any in London.

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan Cole says:

      It’s unusual to see quite that many – which is why I commented on it here, but then again, I guess it’s fairly unusual to have such lovely weather here too! 🙂

      Hope your bees are doing well… We checked on ours the other day and for some reason the nice swarm that we collected earlier in the year had decided to swarm whilst we were away – what use is a swarm in September. Needless to say we didn’t see the swarm itself so that got away, along with the queen and we are now left with several hatched queen cells and a colony that presumably has an unmated virgin queen in it somewhere. Probably not much chance of her mating at this time of year now either.


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