Loch Lomond Holiday 2015 – Day 4

Not much of a holiday day today really, as it was the last day in Scotland. Rain overnight meant that the tent was wet when we came to pack it up after breakfast and then it was time to load the car and start our journey south. We weren’t heading all the way home as we were having a day at Chester Zoo the next day so were only going as far as Runcorn. We had intended to stop off a few times on the way to Runcorn but the opportunity didn’t really present itself.


We did stop in Gretna at the Old Blacksmiths but it really wasn’t our thing. Very tacky and full of coach parties and the food looked terrible so instead we stopped at the next sign for a ‘tea shop’. Little did we know that it was actually a chapel where couple come to be married by Elvis!!! Weird doesn’t describe it, and the service was a little odd too, but the food was at least OK.

We tried to stop in Kendal as well but it was very busy and there was nowhere suitable to park so we ended up just driving through and before we knew it we were back on the motorway and not far from Runcorn.


Once checked into our comfortable Premier Inn room in Runcorn, we booked a table at the Beefeater next door and headed off to an Asda Superstore for some retail therapy. New clothes for all of us – well, it beats doing laundry whilst on holiday I suppose! After a nice big dinner it was then off to bed ready for the zoo tomorrow.

Our holiday was coming to and end.

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