Broken iPhone 5s

It was time to move up in the world and upgrade my iPhone 4 to a nice new (2nd hand) iPhone 5s. I didn’t used to be one for mobile phones but now that my iPad was getting a bit long in the tooth I was tending to use my phone more and more for keeping up to date whilst sat at home. What with that, the fact that Morgan was about to buy an iPad mini 2 and Anna has a works iPad Air, I was going to be the only one without a device capable of running iOS 8. There were also a number of features of iOS 8 that I liked the look of, especially those such as Handoff and Continuity which would interface well with the latest OS on my iMac.

On top of all of those was the fact that I wanted a new Garmin Fenix 3 watch, and that has certain ‘Smart Watch’ features such as notifications that only work with phones that have Bluetooth LE…. In the iPhone range that is phines from the 4s onwards. It was therefore time to update my iPhone, and the 5s was the likely candidate. It would run iOS 8, it had a faster processor, a slightly larger screen, a better camera, it had Bluetooth LE and it was newer and shinier!

I soon had one ordered from a company via eBay. They took a week to actually despatch it which was a shame, but when it arrived it was in perfect condition and was soon powered up and running like a charm putting my old iPhone 4 to shame. Morgan’s new iPad mini 2 arrived on the same day as well, and that’s a lovely device too. Plenty big enough for most things and in my opinion probably better in many ways than the full-size iPad.

I had already received a new Nano Sim for the iPhone 5s as the old Micro Sim from my iPhone obviously wouldn’t fit, so I phoned Tesco to get the number swapped over and continued to play with the 5s. I was adding new apps (those that wouldn’t run under i OS 7) that I wanted to try, setting it up and playing with the new features when all of a sudden the screen went blue, the phone rebooted and then the screen went blue, the phone rebooted and on it went, in a continual Blue-Screen of Death reboot cycle.

Typically, not long after this, my Sim card swapped over so my old phone stopped working as well. I tried everything to get the new one going again, Updates and Restores via iTunes, DFU mode updates and restores, various different cables in case that was causing the problem, but all with no luck. I’m now therefore trying to get the phone sent back, but so far have been dealing with quite a slow response time from the shop I bought it from. I was hoping to have it ready to play with over the Easter break, but that isn’t looking very likely now.

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