Tea and Cakes with the Beekeepers

Sunday afternoon was supposed to be a Beekeepers Meeting with the Aberystwyth Beekeepers where we had planned to take a look through Ann’s hives. Unfortunately the weather was in a particularly uncooperative mood.

My day started with an easy swim in Machynlleth. I couldn’t do my usual run as my sciatica is still a little sore, so I forfeited the bacon sandwich as well… Although I did have some tea cake and an oaty banana muffin when I got in, followed by some bagels. I also baked a delicious triple chocolate cake and made a few muffins from the mixture so had one of those as well. So much for trying to lose around 5kg by next Saturday!

The cake eating continued throughout the afternoon though. Once at Ann’s house it was clear that the weather was far too cold, wet and windy to look through her hives so we all met in her lovely warm annexe to eat cake and drink tea. It seems as though most of the beekeepers have caught on to bringing cake to meetings now. We’ve always done so, but everyone has now followed suit. As well as my triple chocolate cake there were sandwiches, cheese scones, fruit scones, fruit cake, muffins, carrot cake, strawberries and cream. I of course tried them all. They were all nice but I think my chocolate cake was the best, followed strangely by the cheese scones! I did have to have a second heloping of everyhting just tio check though! We chatted about beekeeping, ate some more cake and drank some more tea and generally enjoyed the company

We did all brave the elements for a little while to take a quick look at Ann’s bee garden and to grab a few plants that Ann was giving away. We came away with a Hydrangea, some cowslips, some red onions, an astilbe and another larger plant that we dug up that I can’t quite remember what it was… I will find out soon enough though. We also bought a few eggs from Ann and were given a whole load of quail eggs too.

Morgan bounced on the trampoline and all three of us signed up to do the Basic Bee Assessment, which is an oral and practical assessment that demonstrates we have achieved a good level of understanding of how to manage bees. I guess we’d better start swotting!

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