Beach Re-Sculpting – Ynyslas Floods

Well, the Ynyslas flood alert seems to have been justified. High tide has been and gone, but the swell is still increasing so waves are still over-topping the sea defences here. The River Leri has burst it’s banks and the road between Ynyslas and Tre Ddol is closed due to flooding. Things are looking fairly impressive on the beach too with the waves doing a very good job of re-sculpting the beach.

The dunes are being eroded, the pebbles moved all over the place and the car park is completely under water. Here are just a few photos of the Ynyslas floods, and yes, I did get wet feet taking them!


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  1. Sue says:

    Thank you for update ! Difficult to find anything about Ynyslas online ! Hope it doesn’t affect any Residents and Homes ! I shall keep an eye on your website ! Sue

  2. Alan says:

    I’ve just been for a run through Borth and it’s quite a mess. The road through the Gols Course is closed and strewn with debris in the form of logs and bits of the wooden sea wall. The road through Borth itself isn’t much better with debris everywhere. pebbles and boulders all over the roads and pavements and the little retaining wall around the grassy area opposite the station and Premier shop has been destroyed. The top slabs of it are all over the pavement and a few more substantial bits are missing too.

    I dread to think what that houses along the seafront have endured.


  3. Alan says:

    Just a quick update… Apparently parts of Aberystwyth and Borth are being evacuated ready for tonights high tide. People are turning up at the community Hall in Bow Street having been evacuated and they are expecting most of Trefechan in Aberystwyth to be under water.

  4. Alan says:

    From Ceredigion County Council:

    BORTH: Natural Resources Wales is predicting waves of 1.8m/6ft above sea level at high tide tonight at 21:20. This could cause substantial flooding. We strongly advise residents to vacate all properties and move to the Rest Centre in the Community and Youth Centre ASAP before 19:30

    ABERYSTWYTH: Natural Resources Wales is predicting waves of 1.8m/6ft above sea level at high tide tonight at 21:20. This could cause substantial flooding. We strongly advise residents on Aberystwyth seafront and Town Centre to vacate all properties and move to our Rest Centre in Penglais School ASAP before 19:30

  5. Mandy says:

    Hi Alan. I’m in the Midlands and have a caravan up at Y Fron and am regular follower of your exploits. I hope everyone stays safe. I’ve seen the footage of Aberystwyth on YouTube and it looks awful.

    • Alan says:

      Cheers Mandy, I haven’t heard of any casualties so far, but there’s a fair amount of clearing up to be done now that it looks as though the worst has passed. We were evacuated but thankfully all was OK here when we returned this morning. All very exciting though and although I quite like the fact that ‘Mother Nature’ can put on such a display from time to time and really show us who’s boss, you have to feel for those whose homes and businesses have been flooded.


  6. Hilary says:

    As a child my cousin and I spent many happy School Holidays at Ynislas,playing on the glorious beach and Dunes.
    In those days we lived in the Midlands.
    My Husband and I visited a couple of Years ago, from London where we now live, the first time I had been back in 50 years!
    I am heartbroken to see what Mother Nature has visited on, what I think is one the loveliest places on Earth!
    Will it ever be the same, again????

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