I recently discovered that iTunes had some Mountain-Biking videos for download and I couldn’t resist them.

The first I downloaded was ‘Seasons’ from the Collective which was amazing, loads of good footage, some excellent filming and a good mix of riding. At about an hour long you just can’t go wrong for £1.89. The sound track was good too and it just made me want to get out and ride.

Here’s the Trailer for Seasons:

Next up was Kranked 7 which was pretty good, but not quite as good as seasons in my view. I also downloaded ‘Virtuous’, which was a little shorter but just as good. Some really good downhill footage, although I wasn’t so sure about the soundtrack on this one as it would require an ‘explicit’ tag so I couldn’t really let Morgan watch it.

If only iTunes had some windsurfing movies too as it is so easy to download them and at £1.89 each you don’t mind paying for them. I know you can get such things for free if you look in the right places, but I’d prefer not to do that – I must be the only person who has actually acquired all of his video, music and software legitimately – if the products are available at a sensible price then I’d much rather buy them and support the people making them. It isn’t as though I don’t already give Apple enough of my hard earned cash, so they may as well provide my media as well!

Head on over to iTunes now and get inspired to get out there on the trails. Even the Guardian has an article about Mountain Biking video clips. All I need now is to find a way of viewing them on the TV in the living room.

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  1. tut says:

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