Cakes with Lemon Cheese

After a weekend of camping, the wet weather that we had endured on Sunday followed us north and treated us to another wet day on Monday. Anna had the day off, Morgan was off school So I took the day off as well.

After some chores we had a breakfast of toast smothered in delicious Lemon Cheese from the Isle of Man. Whilst preparing this we noticed that we had a few jars of lemon cheese that were a little out of date so I decided to make some cakes using them in order to use them up.

First up was a batch of Lemon Curd Marble Muffins courtesy of a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe. It was nothing special really, just a fairly standard muffin recipe with some lemon curd (or lemon cheese) in our case in the middle of the muffins. They came out OK but didn’t rise that well so I reckon they’d be better with some of the Manx Soda-bread flour that we have a stash of in the cupboard rather than plain flour.



I then made another attempt on the lemon curd cake that we tried making from our fairly unreliable volcanic recipes cookbook from New Zealand. We say it is unreliable because it is a selection of people’s favourite recipes so each is written in its own different and sometimes unique style. Last time we tried this recipe it was a little confusing as the ‘dough’ was more of a batter and it said to top the cake with the remaining ‘crumble’ despite the fact that there had never been any crumble!

This time, before adding the wet ingredients to the dough mixture we kept half of the dry ingredients back to use as a crumble. We didn’t worry when the dough was more of a batter and we used soda-bread flour to help it rise.

The cake mixture went into the cake tin, followed by a whole jar of lemon cheese which was then topped with the crumble mix before popping it in the oven. It was a success. The cake rose perfectly and the crumble went brown and crunchy. The lemon cheese seemed to move around a little inside the cake forming a delicious sweet layer within it and a gooey layer just beneath the crumble. It looks nice and tastes even better. Trouble is I may now have eaten just a little too much lemon cheese for one day!

Lemon Cheese Crumble Cake

Lemon Cheese Crumble Cake

2 Responses

  1. Geraldine Basford ( Mrs ) says:

    Does this Lemon Curd get exported to uk I love it it’s the best lemon curd ever

  2. Anna Cole says:

    I’ve never seen it in the UK although the Co-op did have something very similar a year or so ago. It is lovely, I’ll have to get some more next time I am on the Island. if you are visiting the Island you could contact the manufacturer as they have always been happy to let us buy in bulk direct from them in the past.

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