Changing Team Colours

Just some time for some finishing touches before leaving for Turkey. Top of the list last night was to change my team colours from INTRtri colours to Team-GB colours… Looking good!

Team-GB toenails

Team-GB toenails

I’m almost packed ready to leave for Turkey tomorrow. Just a few final things to go in the bags and a final weight check on my luggage.

  • Bike Box allowance is 30kg. Mine with bike, wetsuit, track pump, helmet, tools, foam roller, some clothes and other bits and bobs is c. 25 kg
  • Luggage Allowance is 20kg – Mine including loads of beetroot juice is 10kg
  • Hand Luggage Allowance is 5kg – Mine is 5.1kg and I wanted to fit some snacks in there yet!


I’m not sure what I can take out of my hand luggage though as there isn’t really much in there. Just my travel documents, my Team-GB tri-suit, my running and cycling shoes and some toiletries for the journey – things I need en route or that I can’t really afford to be without should they go missing – everything else I can beg, borrow and steal. I think most of the weight must be in the bag itself.

I’m sure it’ll be OK and if not I’ll just have to eat the snacks there and then at check-in and stick some toiletries in my pocket!

I’ve even devised a cunning plan of attaching my luggage to my bike box for easy transportation around airport terminals.

That’s it, just one more sleep and I’m on the first train out of here – I do need to bake some cakes before I go though as Morgan wants me to leave a Lemon Lime and Poppy Seed Cake for him.

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