Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Riding

Although I can’t run at the moment and walking often end ups being hobbling, I can at least still ride my bike. So, yesterday with the sun shining, no wind, no work and Morgan off at Holiday Club I loaded up with drinks and gels and set off for a nice ride. I’d planned a 50 miler out to Machynlleth and then through towards Tywyn via Happy Valley, around to Aberdovey and back home via Machynlleth.

I started off nice and easy and just wanted to enjoy the day out. As I rode through Llancynfelin about 3 miles from here I saw Sharon so stopped to say hello. As I did I noticed a shard of glass sticking out of my tyre. I took it out and a little split appeared in the tyre through which some of my latex inner tube protruded. After a little chat I decided it was best to stay close to home so changed my plans and was going to do some hill reps behind Talybont instead. I therefore started riding back towards Borth with Sharon, but didn’t get more than about 5 metres before there was a popping and whooshing sound from my front wheel. Oh well, that didn’t last long.

It was time to find a sunny spot and change my tube. By the time I’d done that we decided it was best to just head home for a coffee. So, I managed a 6 mile ride in total, not quite the 50 miles I was aiming for.

I changed my tyres. I had some lovely Vittoria Open Corsa CX tyres on. They are a joy to ride on, very fast rolling and feel nice too, but they haven’t proved to be very durable or very puncture resistant. I do have a second set but rather than put them on, I’m going to save them for races and have now instead fitted an old pair of Continental Ultra Race tyres. Not nearly so good, but much cheaper and more durable. I’ve also put standard butyl tubes in them rather than the lighter, nicer latex tubes, but again they are cheaper and will last longer. This might not be quite so fast but for training purposes they’ll be fine.

What I really need is another set of race wheels so that I can keep cheap, durable tyres on my training wheels and have some race wheels with a set of expensive, high quality tyres… Maybe one day, although I am quite tempted by these which are significantly cheaper than most Aero wheels and have a nice patriotic touch to them. They should go well with my Team GB Tri Suit!

Planet X Team GB Wheels

Planet X Team GB Wheels

After changing the tyres I inspected the bees which were as usual up to mischief and then decided to try again for a 50 mile bike ride.

This time it went well, I was taking it fairly easy and it was a gorgeous day for it. The only slight niggle was that when I got to the climb through Happy Valley I ended up getting the song ‘Happy Talk’ in my head and then justĀ couldn’t get rid of it. Trouble is I don’t even know any of the words other than “Happy, happy, Happy, Happy Talk….”. I therefore ended up singing that to myself for the next couple of hours….. Arrrggghhh!

It was nice ride though with some lovely views from the top of Happy Valley and then nice views of the sea through Aberdovey and up through the estuary. It was certainly worth persevering and going out again. My knee didn’t feel too sore afterwards either.

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  1. Very interesting report of your day Alan. Pleased your knee held upend that you got your 50 miler in in the end.

    I’m missing my bike, athough it is nowhere near as grand as yours. The blog entry just increases the impetuous to buy one here rather than wait to bring my spare bike from home-home (our house back in the Midlands).

    The sun f the next few days will no doubt make it a busy time for the bees!


  2. Alan says:

    Judging by the weather forecast for the next few days you really do need to have a bike. It’s lovely out there for riding in the hills.


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