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The university had an open day at the weekend. Not the usual open day aimed at prospective students, but an open day for locals to see what goes on at the university.

We obviously know what goes on, as Anna and I were students there for long enough, Anna has worked there for the past 15 years or so and I work there on and off too. We thought we’d go along anyway, just to show our faces and due to the fact that there was some free food tasting on offer and a chocolate fountain.

Morgan enjoyed most of the displays. He made some plastic from plant matter, made a keyring with his finger print in it and entered a few competitions. The first of which was a smell test and the second a timed test to build a cube out of large pieces of foam. We didn’t really realise that it was a competition and so approached it a calm, collected fashion and completed the test in 1:24… That put us top of the charts as most people had taken ┬áminutes or so and the second fastest at the time was over 2 minutes.


Cube building

We stayed there for a while chatting and standing around. We also had our photos taken quite a few times so no doubt we’ll end up in a prospectus or some other publication soon… Not that we haven’t been in them before as there almost always seems to be a photo of me in them! We then went downstairs for some tasting of university farm reared beef and then some lunch.

After lunch we had to pop back upstairs to see if anyone had beaten our time. No one had but they were getting closer with a time of 1:42. We aren’t sure yet if we were beaten, but had to leave to do some shopping and go into Thomas Cook to start the wheels in motion for a refund on the fee I had to pay in order to get my bike from the airport to the hotel whilst in Turkey last week.

Morgan wanted to go back to the university to see if our time had been beaten, but we didn’t let him, so we’ll have to wait until Anna is at work on Monday to find out. Although, Anna and I aren’t so sure of we want to win or not as the prize is a game of Monopoly with an electronic banker. If we do win then we’ll be forced to play monopoly some time this week?

It was a nice way to spend a few hours, but it seemed as though most people who were there were university staff and their children.There’s nothing wrong with that but I’m not really sure if that is who the Access All Areas open day is aimed at.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds a good idea,shame more people didn’t go.

  2. mum says:

    Don’t know why my comment came through as anonymous!

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