A Day out in Aberystwyth

My parents are visiting this weekend – It’s Morgan’s birthday soon so they have come up to see him.

Saturday was a nice enough day weather-wise, although still a little grey and overcast in the morning. Anna had to work so set off early while Morgan, my Mum and Dad and mysefl had a slow start to the day then headed into Aberystwyth. We decided to head up to the top of Consti for a coffee and cake. Morgan and I walked up whilst my Mum and Dad got the Cliff Railway. We would have all gone on the train but it wasn’t cheap and I was feeling poor so we walked.

It was actually quite good this way around as we got to race them up and could stop on each of the bridges and wave to them.

Once at the top we wandered around a bit, took in the views and then had coffee, cake and chips in the cafe. They have a new bowling alley and games rooms up there now so we had a look at that and had a game of air hockey before heading back down.

Once back at the bottom – yep, Morgan and I beat the train up and back down again, we went into Aberystwyth for a wander around the farmers market. As usual there were some delicious local cheeses on offer and plenty of nice looking meat too.

We then went up to campus where we met Anna for lunch in Ta Med before heading into Morrisons for some supplies and back home for a nice dinner of sausages and pumpkin streusel torte.

Aberystwyth may no be the most exciting place in the world but it’s nice for a quiet day out with the family and Morgan enjoys wandering around too once he’s actually out there doing it.

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  1. mum says:

    Lovely day, shame Anna had to work

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