Alliums Galore

Autumn is here, so time to plant the bulbs ready for next year. Anna’s Mum kindly offered to buy me some Alliums for my birthday. My birthday isn’t until December but we couldn’t wait until then to plant them so I ordered some online and spent part of Wednesday afternoon in the garden planting them out.

I don’t know how well they’ll do here. As I’ve said before we are ‘gardening on the edge‘ here thanks to the poor soil, the incessant winds and the salt air but hopefully they’ll put on a good display. I’ve planted them in the new bed I dug next to the new conservatory. They should be fairly sheltered from the winds there and still get some sun.

I’ve only planted two varieties as I want to create a nice big swathe of them. There are 100 ‘Purple Sensation’ Alliums which are fairly tall and have the typical large pom-pom style flowers of Alliums in a bright purple colour. Hopefully these will be just tall enough to poke their heads up above the wall so that we can see them from inside the conservatory. There are also 250 of the much smaller, ‘Moly’ These are only about 20cm tall and have a nice yellow flower that should brighten up the border in June.

It’s always a little odd planting bulbs as there’s nothing to show for your money or your work except a bare piece of soil, but it  should pay dividends in 6 months or so. Mind you, I did plant some crocuses a few weeks ago and a whole load of them have flowered already!

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