Christmas Day – 1 month Early

Having been to New Zealand this year we are having to have a less extravagant Christmas than usual in order to save some money. No big four bird roast for us this year, not even a big goose or  turkey instead we were planning to have a £10 3 bird roast from Iceland!

Whilst in New Zealand we missed out on all of the Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities. What with that and the fact that the Americans were having Thanksgiving we were feeling a little left out so decided to have a nice roast dinner at the weekend to test out the Iceland 3 bird roast. Not only would it be a lovely dinner, but it would feel like a mini celebration and we’d get to check out the meat from Iceland to make sure it was OK for Christmas Day. We’d be killing three birds with one stone – quite literally and in this case it would be a turkey and chicken and a duck.

We had the meat, we had some vegetables and we had plenty of potatoes. It was a miserable day outside, the fire was lit, I’d done some DIY, we’d all chilled on the sofa and the roast was cooking in the kitchen.

Dave and Sarah turned up at the last minute so Anna threw a few more veggies on so that they could join us and we had a lovely roast dinner. We didn’t quite have all the trimmings and we didn’t go as far as Christmas Crackers and party hats but it was our pre-Christmas test. We did have wine and we did play Cluedo afterwards though. Best of all, the meat was fine and there was a fair bit of it so we are indeed planning to have one of those again for Christmas along with a couple of their other £10 joints of meat. It may not be the best quality, fairly-traded, eco-friendly, free-range, grass fed, hand-raised meat money can buy but its all we can afford this year so it will have to do. I’m looking forward to Christmas Day already!

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