Manx End2End Preparations

As per usual my next ‘race’ has come around sooner than anticipated – The Isle of Man End2End Challenge take place this weekend. It’s a 75km mountain bike race from the Northern tip of the Isle of Man to the Southern tip with plenty of big hills in between.

I’m not actually ‘racing it’ and will just be using it as a training ride though so preparations for it have been minimal to say the least. Put it this way, I haven’t been on a mountain bike for months so preparations have involved getting my bike out of the shed, putting some oil on the chain and making sure that

A: The wheels go round

B: The Brakes make them stop

I also have the following hard training week in the lead up to the event so should be fairly tired come Sunday.

Monday: Road Bike – 6×4 min hill reps

Tuesday: Circuit Training followed by Swim Training

Wednesday: Run – 8x 3 min hard efforts with 3 mins recovery and Turbo Trainer – 2x 20 minute efforts

Thursday: Run – 12 x 45 seconds hard hill reps

Friday: Swim Training – 2.5km pyramid

Saturday: Bike – 10x 1 mile flat out with 90 secs recovery followed by a hard 20 minute run off the bike.

I should be fairly well fatigued by the time I’m on the start line on Sunday, especially seeing as Saturday afternoon will be spent at a wedding and then of course the wedding reception all evening. That little lot should lead to an interesting day in the saddle for the End2End if nothing else.

I don’t want to overdo it though as the following weekend is the Rother Valley Triathlon that I’m competing in. I’m looking forward to it all though even if the logistics of fitting it all in are a bit of a nightmare.


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