Wotton Triathlon – Preparation not going well

I’m supposed to be doing the Wotton Triathlon in just over a week, but preparations aren’t going too well. Jay, Brad, Matt and Beale are going to love reading that!

I should be training hard for it now and then easing down by the middle of next week ready for the race a week on Sunday. Unfortunately though I’ve had a cold for a week now and have done absolutely no training at all. What’s worse is that whenever I get a cold these days it seems to go to my chest which then makes me think I’d best be careful otherwsie I’ll end up in hospital again. The dull ache that I get in m on the left hand side of my middle back has returned so I’m being good and continuing to take it easy despite the need to train!

I didn’t do the Dyfi Enduro at the weekend thanks to the cold and now my main aim is to get rid of it completely before the Triathlon so that I can at least do it. In the meantime it would be good to do some training as I haven’t even had chance to try out the new position on my bike after chaning the bar and saddle positions so that I can reach the aero bars better.

The race is on Sunday 16th so I’ll be driving to Gloucestershire on the Friday evening and if the weather is OK I’ll do a course recce on Friday evening so that I at least know what to expect. Hopefully before then I’ll be able to get out on my bike a couple of times and make sure that I can run 4.5 miles!

I’m not going to be fast, but at this rate I won’t even get around the course.

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  1. Plugsie says:

    I have a cold too, but that won’t stop me!

  2. Alan says:

    Yeah, but you know what happens to me when I exercise with a cold… Don’t fancy yet more time on the Cardiac Ward.

    How’s your training coming along? I haven’t seen much added to your Garmin Connect feed recently.


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