Knee Update – Physio’s Report

Knee Ligaments

Knee Ligaments

I went to see Kevin, the physio at Aberystwyth Physiotherapy & Sportscare Clinic yesterday to see what he had to say about my knee injury.

Apparently I’ve probably damaged my medial collateral ligaments, but hopefully not too badly. He seems to think it could have been brought on by a combination of tight and possibly weak quads, a very tight IT band and an increase in hill reps whilst running. As predicted, the recommendations are no running for another week or so, stretching of my quad and IT Band and some painful foam rolling of my IT Band and quads too.

Whilst I was there he did f course inflict some pain, first by trying to see what brought on the pain in my knee. Putting weight on it was fine, squatting was fine, but when I tried to do a squat hop on my right leg we soon discovered that my knee wasn’t happy doing that! He then performed some fairly deep massage on my quad which wasn’t exactly comfortable, followed by some work on my IT Band which was excrutiating!

I left the practise feeling battered and bruised and hobbling more than when I’d gone in. I’m not used to massage of any kind and although I’m sure it’ll do some good, it just feels to me as though they are bruising my muscles. Time to start doing some self-myofascial release though with the foam roller and time to start working on stretching my IT Bands.

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