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A Change is as Good as a Rest

For some reason we’ve all been exhausted for the last couple of weeks. Anna is tired, Morgan is tired and even I’m staying in bed until 6am! My training has been terrible as a result too. I took it easy while I was ill a couple of weeks ago but just haven’t been able to...

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The Keys to Triathlon Training Consistency 4

The Keys to Triathlon Training Consistency

I’ve had a fairly good year this as far as triathlons go. I’ll write a full annual summary soon, but I became European Champion in my Age-Group in June and then made the top ten in the world in my age-group at the London World Championships in September. So, I’d consider that fairly successful. There...

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The Upsides to Injury 1

The Upsides to Injury

You have to stay positive when injured – if you don’t, you’d just get depressed and this sport malarky is supposed to be fun. Of course, an injury is never much fun and the rehabilitation period is frustrating. Most of us just want to get back out there running again and all we can think...

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Knee Ligaments 6

Knee Update – Physio’s Report

I went to see Kevin, the physio at Aberystwyth Physiotherapy & Sportscare Clinic yesterday to see what he had to say about my knee injury. Apparently I’ve probably damaged my medial collateral ligaments, but hopefully not too badly. He seems to think it could have been brought on by a combination of tight and possibly weak quads, a...

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