Goodies from the Garden

We haven’t had much of a summer so far and the wet weather has been perfect for slugs and snails. They’ve been having a great time in the garden munching their way through our plants. We don’t normally have an issue with slugs and snails here, but this year they’ve been pretty bad.

We’ve still managed to get a few edible goodies from the garden though. We’ve had a few onions and some garlic, plenty of spinach and lettuce. The purple sprouting brocoli has finished now, but we’re getting a steady supply of courgettes. The peas and beans have been eaten by the slugs but are hopefully making a comeback. I might try lifting some potatoes soon as well. The pumpkins don’t seem to be doing too well so far this year though, but there’s still time for them to change that.

In the conservatory we’ve managed to eat one cucumber and have a few more on the way and we’ve harvested (and frozen) a whole load of chilli’s. There are peppers and tomatoes on the way too. The sweet potatoes are growing well, but we aren’t quite sure how long they take to produce tubers or when they are ready to harvest. Most of them are in pots too small to accommodate a tuber anyway!

As far as fruit goes, we’ve eaten some red currants and there are plenty of strawberries but the slugs and birds seem to beat us to these more often than not. The blackcurrants are ripening nicely and have a net over them to protect them from the birds. The raspberries seem to be doing well and we will hopefully be enjoyed before too long.

It’s not a lot I know and we certainly aren’t growing any of this in huge quantities, but it’s nice to eat food that you’ve grown yourself and it does make you appreciate it more when you’ve put so much effort into producing it.

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