White-Water Windsurfing

Autumn is here for sure this time and that of course means plenty of wind and some good windsurfing conditions.

Sunday was always supposed to be good by the afternoon, so after and early morning start at 5am to watch the Grand Prix and then a swim in Machynlleth followed by a bacon sandwich it was off to the beach. There were loads of kitesurfers out enjoying the wind and Tom and Sam were out windsurfing. The wind hadn’t quite filled in when I first got there though so I rigged my big wave board and 5m sail. I timed it just right though ┬ábecause as I got on the water the wind picked up so that I was maxed out with that kit. Most of the kitesurfers stopped for the day as they were now out on kit that was too big for the wind. A couple did change down and stay out though.

Sam and Tom stayed out for a little while as well but then headed home. I meanwhile had a lovely session, well powered up and having fun in the waves. There was pretty much white-water as far as you could see though. I did sail right out through the waves at one point but spent most of the time playing in the white-water and not bothering to venture out too far. Monday was just as good, similar winds at around 25-35 knots WSW and plenty of messy waves to play on.

It’s good seeing a few of the students out windsurfing as well. It’s always good to have others to sail with as not only does it make it a little safer but it spurs you on to try new things too. I’m usually out there on my own so tend to keep it safe and not really go for anything, but with others to sail with, that could all change. It could be a good autumn.

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