Bee-location, Bee-location

We moved a beehive again on Monday evening. As per usual, our beekeeping activities took place under cover of darkness. The hive in question had been moved from Aberystwyth to our house a couple of weeks prior and was now going back to our new out apiary just outside of Aberystwyth.

All went well and I went back on Tuesday to give them a quick feed of Sugar Syrup. The bees were out flying and some were already returning with pollen. Whilst driving back and forth to the new apiary though it’s apparent just how much better a location this will be for the bees. There are wildflowers everywhere, trees in blossom and loads more flowers on the way. They should be in bee heaven.

The owners of the land that they are housed on seem quite excited about having them as well and are looking forward to a bumper fruit crop this year now that they have their own army of pollinators. Hoepfully by the end of the year we’ll have a couple more hives there and may even get to harvest some honey.

So, that’s hive number one – Syfyddrin, complete with Ffion (one of our original queens) and a colony of bees in our new apiary. Lets hope they like it there.

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