Making the most of the daylight

The days are pretty short at the moment here so I had to rush to fit everything in today. I was up early to sort out the laundry and do some chores and then do an hour or so of work on the computer whilst I waited for first light. Once there was some light I took a quick walk across to the beach to check the tide. It was just dropping off the pebbles so it was time to go windsurfing. It was pretty cold, with air temperatures around 6-7ºC so I broke down and put my proper winter suit on for the first time this winter. Still no gloves or hood though as the water is still about 12ºC.

The wind had eased a little so I did contemplate rigging my 5.6m sail but went with the 5m in the end which was good as it turned out to be perfect with my big wave board. In fact, the wind filled in again later to around 30 knots so I had to come in and apply some more outhaul to flatten the sail off a little. I ended up having a good session though with plenty of waves to play on, both for jumping and riding.

Funnily enough, there was no-one else out. In fact there was no one else to be seen anywhere on the beach. It was then back home, check my emails and then off to do some gardening and painting for someone in Penrhyncoch. After that, I headed back home for a hard 1 hr 20 minutes on the turbo trainer and then a 20 minute run before finally having a bath as it once again got dark outside.

There’s still plenty to do though. Blogging, dinner, take Morgan to Beavers and then decide who is going to take scouts tonight, me or Anna… probably Anna!

Here’s some video from this mornings windsurf session.

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