Windsurfing Abstinence

It’s been absolutely ages since I went windsurfing. The lack of wind, weekends away and torn ankle ligaments mean that the last time I was out on the water was May 29th – That’s over 3 months and must be my longest period without a sail for at least a decade!

Thankfully I put an end to my dry period yesterday with a niceĀ autumnalĀ sail off the seafront at Ynyslas. Simon had already been out and was now out kite-surfing along with Dunk, Snoozer and a couple of other people. Graham also joined me but he hadn’t been out for at least 6 years and had kit that was a little older than that. Graham would have been better off in the estuary really where the water was flat as there was a 25-35 knot wind blowing on the seafront and 3 foot messy surf with lots of whitewater – Not the best of conditions for getting back into windsurfing.

He had fun though and likes to throw himself in at the deep end so he’ll be back for more soon. I did OK too, I hadn’t forgotten how to do it and my ankle held up OK, although it was a little sore afterwards. There was also a funny smell on my wetsuit after my session, possibly down to the diesel spill in Aberystwyth that has now spread northwards. Public Health Wales have advised that whilst the odour is unpleasant it isn’t harmful to health, but Ceredigion Council has posted signs advising people not to bathe or surf while the oil disperses.

It was good to get back out on the water at last, so here’s a few little clips to prove that I can still do it!

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