There’s Blueberries in them there Hills

Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Picking

It was a pretty miserable weekend here, cold, wet and very windy. Usually not a problem for me as that would make for perfect windsurfing weather, especially during the summer when the water is warm. I was therefore pretty grumpy as I couldn’t get out to play thanks to the torn ligaments in my ankle. Saturday actually turned out to be quite sunny in the afternoon as well so the conditions looked perfect.

Sunday really was pretty miserable, but Morgan had decided he wanted to go mountain biking so we headed up to Pendam and went for a ride around Llyn Blaenmelindwr. His riding has come on quite a bit so I took him along a ‘The Camels Hump’ and ‘Spaghetti Junction’ which he hadn’t done before and he rode them OK. He’s better at getting up the hills too, but still struggles on any bigger hills, but that isn’t really surprising considering the fact that he’s on a single speed bike.

We took the Samsung Galaxy S2 with us so that we could log our route. ONce again it worked fine for the GPS but wasn’t so much use to us as we were out of phone reception so couldn’t have used it for geocoaching without first storing the cache details whilst we did have reception.

We did stop to pick some blueberries though as a mid-ride snack, but will have to head up there again this week with pots and stainproof clothing so that we can pick a whole load of them. There were loads up there, they tasted delicious and we could do with another day out a load of free, healthy food.

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