Triathlon Checklist

I’ve got a triathlon to do tomorrow so it’s time to write myself a checklist for the kit I’ll need to pack in the car. There’s no point keeping it to myself though so here it is in case you need it as well.


  • Tri-suit
  • Goggles
  • Spare goggles just in case – I’m good at losing goggles.


  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shoes
  • Race Number Belt & safety pins
  • Towel for transition area
  • Garmin GPS watch
  • Water Bottle
  • Spare tube
  • CO2 cartridge and inflator
  • Tyre levers
  • Multi-tool


  • Running Shoes


  • Email / race entry confirmation
  • Directions to registration
  • Larger toolkit & track pump in the car -for last minute fettling.
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Recovery drink
  • Energy bars
  • Sun-cream
  • Camera

I’m sure there must be something I’ve forgotten so post a comment and let me know what so that I can add it to the list – and hopefully be more prepared for tomorrow.


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  1. Alan says:

    Here are some comments via Facebook

    Dave Smith Shades, gotta have your shades….

    Alan Cole I did think of that as I had some new ones arrive in the post this morning – but then I haven’t been wearing them recently on training rides (because mine were broken) so thought I’d do without on race day as well – We can’t all be as cool as you Dave! 🙂

    Dan Field useful on the bike though, especially when in the TT tuck, your face is close to all the grit being thrown up from the road. And now the sun’s out, so are the bugs

    Dave Smith more importantly you will look cool….

    Dan Field Also you can leave the drink in transition. you’ll not have time to drink on the bike. Take it on the run with you I guess though if you like.

    Alan Cole Oh, best add sun cream to the list as well.

    Alan Cole And maybe ibuprofen and ice packs for the journey home!

    Dave Reed Good luck for tomorrow Al

    Alan Cole Cheers Dave, it’s only a training session really as I have another race next weekend as well.

    Alan Cole Dan – I think I’ll NEED to drink on the bike if it’s this hot.

    Dave Reed Getting serious then :o)

    Hazel Jones Don`t forget to do some stretches before and after the event , and good luck

    Martyn Teece-Round Good luck Al…. 🙂

    Alan Cole Phew, I survived and I even won a bottle of wine!

    Martyn Teece-Round Enjoy the wine mate. Congrats 🙂

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