Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Just a quick video clip of me windsurfing this morning at Ynyslas. I was out on my 4.5m sail and little JP Wave Board, although I probably should have rigged the slightly larger 5m sail as there were times when I wasn’t quite powered up enough – This resulted in a bit of a swim at one point as you’ll see in the video.

I thought I’d leave some longer sections of me sailing in the video today rather than edit them all out and just show the exciting bits. This way it gives a nice feeling of what it’s like sailing here on a decent day. I also had my GoPro HD camera mounted on my new ice-hockey helmet which gives a much better view than the boom mount I’ve been using before.

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  1. David Riche says:

    That was a most exciting ride Alan OMG I wish I was younger , took me back to 56-66 when I was water skiing. What you do though is the
    real thing, I real loved it , you captured all the spills and
    thrills the smacking of the water on the board , the excitement of where and if you will negotiate the next breaking wave, of wondering what might be on the other side of the next swell. Exhilarating and so enjoyable, really appreciated that Thanks


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