March Moths in Ceredigion

I haven’t had the moth trap out much again lately, but after spending a weekend in the garden and even mowing the lawn, things looked good for a night of moth trapping so I put it out on Sunday evening.

I checked on it a couple of times before going to bed and although conditions were perfect with little wind, warm temperatures and a slight dampness in the air there were no moths around, except a solitary Shoulder Stripe.

I checked again in the morning though and it was looking better. The trap was surrounded by Shoulder Stripes and there seemed to be quite a it in the trap itself as well. 11 different species, one of them a new garden record and 56 moths in total.


  • 2 x Mottled Grey
  • 7 x Dotted Border
  • 34 x Shoulder stripe
  • 2 x Common Quaker
  • 1 x Double-striped Pug
  • 1 x Engrailed
  • 2 x Clouded Drab
  • 1 x Herald
  • 2 x Hebrew Character
  • 1 x Small Quaker
  • 3 x Emmelina monodactyla (New Garden Record)


Herald Moth



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