Learning to Fly a Kite in Wales

Morgan is doing well with his kite-flying now. It took him a couple of attempts and to start with he didn’t really persevere . His first couple of goes only lasted a couple of minutes each, but I didn’t want to force him to do it so just left it at that each time.

He had a go on Saturday and Sunday though, just a quick go again on Saturday on the seafront at Ynyslas in very light, gusty winds that weren’t ideal for any sort of kite-flying let alone learning. Sunday was much better though, we walked along the beach, across the boardwalk and into the estuary where there was a nice steady 15 knot breeze blowing. We launched the kite for Morgan and it all just clicked and he was able to fly it really well.

Obviously, just flying it and practising weren’t enough though and he was soon trying to do kite loops and skim the sand with it and such like – All of which ended up in crashes, but he has certainly got the hang of the basics now. So much so that some people watching from their cars got out to say how impressed they were to see such a young boy flying a kite so well.

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  1. shem says:

    Looking great Morgan!

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