Borth Sea Defence Scheme

Hopefully I’ll be posting about this quite a bit over the next few months, keeping people up to dat with progress on the Sea Defence Scheme in Borth.

Work is well and truly underway now with a constant stream of huge lorries thundering their way in and out of Borth all day long. They line up in a holding bay along the front and then one by one are directed onto the beach where they unload the gravel and stones onto the top of the beach building a huge mountain in the process. At time it blocks out the sun and looks pretty impressive with JCB’s and bulldozers crawling all over it like little beetles.

Apparently about 10,000 tonnes of this gravel / stones has been deposited on the beach so far, just a small proportion of the 65,000 tonnes expected. The huge mountain had been flattened out and spread along the beach a bit by the weekend, and some larger boulders have now been put in place as part of the first rock groyne.

It’s good to see that work is progressing well. It is supposed to continue all summer with the expected completion of the first phase being in October. I’m sure that will depend to a certain extent on the weather over the summer though. No work has started on the reef itself yet, but it’s going to be interesting to see how they go about that.

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  1. Rona says:

    Keep up the blog – loads of rock was taken by the sea on Sun night

  2. Rona says:

    We have lots of the petrified soil opposite us – it smells and blocks our views to the sea.
    Apparently – the beach is being raised half a meter so the petrified soil comes out – the beach is raised and the petrified soil goes back….then???
    Your pictures are very good -keep up the good work.

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