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For those of you who think that Borth is a grey, dreary place where the sun never shines – You’re Wrong! Just take a look at what the sun here has done to our once orange carpet. It’s turned it green.

Faded Carpet

Faded Carpet

Admittedly it was a fairly inexpensive carpet as we couldn’t afford much more after building the house so we just got the cheapest carpet we could that would look OK for a while. That was 7 years ago, so it’s now time for a new one.

We’ve picked the new carpet, this time a little lighter in colour so hopefully it won’t fade quite so much. It’s also better quality, along with a nice underlay for that luxurious feel. It should arrive soon but we thought it would be a good opportunity to re-decorate the living room and dining room too. So, I’ve been a bit of a DIY demon this week.

I’ve cleared everything out of the two rooms and put in it boxes, repainted all of the walls and gloss, cleaned all of the furniture and even put a new piece of ‘art’ on the wall. I then got a little carried away with the power tools and cut a hole in the side of the bookcase so that we could access a power point that had been hidden behind it, and even ventured into the bathroom and repaired the cupboard in there and put up a new coat hook for Morgan in the utility room.

Living Room

Living Room

Anna has been spending our money on a new dining room table and chairs and a new TV cabinet, so once we have the new carpet down the living room and dining room will be transformed. It’ll be nice to spend Christmas in our new luxury lounge!

I guess I should make a start on the hall soon as that is in desperate need of some TLC.

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